Kevin Wallingford Dead Lift b&w
Q: Thoughts on ‘autoregulation’ methods? Avoidance of failure vs. actively seeking it? Or the same question, differently put: The metabolic or neurological value of ‘that Last Rep’? (e.g. as opposed to, say, the value of the preceding 9, when you are doing sets of 10.) Presumably, advocates of training to failure must think that the […]
Hi Guys, Wondering what you are recommending for maintaining endurance during strength or power training cycles? Specifics on type, duration, and mode (i.e. treadwall, etc.) will help. G.S. G, Depending on what type of endurance you are trying to maintain, the recommendations can be pretty wide-ranging. If you are keeping a fairly high level of […]
When you say that kettlebell swings are a good hip hinge option, I assume you are talking about HEAVY swings, right? Like sets of only 5-10 reps? If so, how do you manage progression here? It’s not like I can just add a plate to the bell every session. Is there any strength benefit to […]
Q: I have been doing a kind of high low thing recently and was wondering how you have been doing your ARC training? I have mainly been traversing because when I do ups and downs it is hard to keep it chilled enough. How do you do it? Cheers Cliff Hi Cliff, The hardest part […]
There was a thread comparing different periodization strategies over at Mountain Project (–non-linear-periodization/108438729 ). I wrote this explanation to contrast this model with the classical model. Not sure if it’s necessary here or not…   I remember when I first read about periodization. It was revelatory in an almost religious sense. Finally there was a clear […]