In-Depth: Returning to Training After a Layoff

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In-Depth: Returning to Training After a Layoff from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

Q+A: Hangboarding, Even For Beginners!?!

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Q: In the Pitch One training plan you call for hangboard training without qualification for even “novice trainees”. I have read in more than one source that hangboard training should not start for novices until about 2 years into climbing. Do your views on this differ from what I thought was the prevailing wisdom on…

In-Depth: Hotel Gym Grip Work

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Justin Iskra, Zach Snavely Demonstrate the Brettzel Stretch in Climb Strong Class, B&W

Recovery Points – Challenging Youth Athletes to Recover Well

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by Steve Bechtel A little while back, I wrote an article about Recovery Training, where I tried to underscore the idea that you should take your recovery as seriously as you do your climbing and training. We all love to add and add and add to our training in hopes that somehow the throttling will…

Q+A: Hangboards Versus Blocks

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Q: What are your thoughts on hangboarding versus a handheld finger trainer that you hang weights from? Is there a benefit to one or the other or do they produce similar results? M.T.   A: In spirit, both tools are the same. One of the big hopes of people training with weight hung from block-style…

In-Depth: Hotel Gym Sessions

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In-Depth: Hotel Gym Sessions from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: What/Where to Start Training?

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In-Depth: What/Where to Start Training? from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

Climbing Shoes and Backpack, Photo by Mei Ratz

The Speed Barrier

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by Steve Bechtel “Here lies the contradiction of developing speed. On the one hand, to increase speed, the movement must be repeated many times, but on the other hand, the more repetitions, the stronger the speed barrier grows. Increasing the amount of work does not help; on the contrary, it consolidates the speed barrier.” –…

TS Strawberry Roan

Q+A: I’m Strong, But Have No Endurance

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Q: Hello Steve, I bought your newest book – Unstoppable Force -, because, well I want to get stronger ^^. I loved the book, most of the the knowledge and base principles that you share aren’t new for me, and that made me happy. My previous coach (not a climber) trained me with the same…

In-Depth: The “Why” of the Kettlebell Snatch

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Melding Strength and Power

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by Steve Bechtel Too frequently, we try to over-categorize our training. Long-time athletes and coaches learned about training for climbing by reading about and practicing training that came from other sports. We all understood that strength and power and endurance were different entities, some of us going so far as to train all of these…

In-Depth: Group Training – General Strength and Power

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