Watch: Session Variability

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If you’re stuck, it’s probably not detailing out a more complex workout that is going to get you unstuck. It’s going to be doing simple things better. Most of us like the idea that each session we do is a developmental session. We seek out physical markers of having worked hard, such as sweat, weak…

Rachel’s Momentum Drills

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By Rachel Speer I’ll be the very first one to admit it: I hate dynos. I would much prefer to figure out a way to do a move statically, even if it takes ten times the energy and strength than it would to just… for lack of a better word… yeet myself up the wall….

Watch: Energy Systems

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In this video CS coach Joel Unema breaks down the three energy systems and how to approach training them. Movement is the basis of climbing up rocks, and in order to move, we need to supply our body with energy. Since any and all movement can occur at multiple speeds, in different directions, and over…

Session Variability – Low-Hanging Fruit

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By Steve Bechtel When it comes to performance, every single climber I have ever known has struggled with plateaus. In fact, when someone I talk to seems to just keep getting better, I’m more inclined to punch them in the face than to hear another word of how fun it all is and how they…

BLOG: Five Lessons From Sergio Consuegra

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  By Steve Bechtel One of the hardest parts about sorting out training for climbing is getting out of the rut of your own thinking. All too often, we think that what we learned from our mentor or youth coach or high school climbing buddy was the be all, end all of training advice. I…

Watch: Climber Nutrition

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Figuring out how to fuel for your climbing, training, and recovery can be confusing. There is a ton of information out there and it is not uncommon to find multiple pieces of advice from well trained individuals that completely contradict each other. The truth is that nutrition is highly individualized and what works well for…

You Should Have Started Sooner

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By Ken Klein Disclaimer: There’s no denying the massive amount of information surrounding climbing and training for climbing in today’s world. This shows up in the form of articles, podcasts and instagram posts to name just a few. The first question any consumer of information should ask is, “Does this apply to me and where…

Optimizing First Gear: Training The Alactic Energy System

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By Steve Bechtel Anyone who has been in sports for very long has probably heard of the energy systems, or the ways in which our bodies supply energy. When we run down a road for an hour, we are producing energy from a different source than when we pick up a heavy barbell. And when…

Watch: Realistic Resolutions

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Many of us set ambitious New Year’s resolutions, but it is uncommon to see folks who actually achieve these big goals. Why is that? What is it that prevents us from following through on these things we want so badly? In this video Steve talks about setting realistic resolutions and how to break them down…

New Year, Different Resolution

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by Jacob Carr Welcome to the new year! Congratulations on setting your new resolution, it is no small task to think about resolutions, goals, etc. let alone setting and executing them. One of the things I love about setting aside time for these types of actions is that it provides us time to reflect and…

Watch: Crag Nutrition

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Many climbers tend to not get adequate nutrition before, during, and after their climbing day. A good plan and some preparation will go a long way towards helping you perform better and recover faster. In this video Climb Strong nutrition coach Taylor Carr goes over what are some good options for meals and snacks plus…

BLOG: Start Again, Start Better

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  By Steve Bechtel The birds they sang at the break of day; Start again I heard them say. Leonard Cohen   Last year did not go as planned. This year can be better… if you let it.  My friend Neil Anderson, one of those great strength coaches you’ve never heard of, says that more…

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