Applying Training Principles to Specific Exercises

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Knowing how to apply your training principles to specific exercises is important to see success in your training for climbing. We often see climbers oversimplify a movement and try to simulate it in the weight room – and then wonder why it has such a limited effect. In this video Steve discusses 2 exercises that…

Doing > Talking

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by Ty Vineyard Take inventory of where you are now. This takes a lot of discipline and humility. The amount of accountability required to express true capability without excuses is carried out by few. Be realistic, do not overextend yourself for the sake of appearing more capable than you are. We see it at both…

Progressing and Regressing Exercises – Strength Training for Climbers

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In this video Charlie Manganiello talks about how to progress or regress strength exercises in order to dial in the intensity and optimize your progress. Climbing is a skill sport, but in order to maximize our skills, we need a foundation of strength. We do this in addition to, not instead of, climbing and specific…

When Climbing Feels Out of Reach

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by Philip Sabado The end of 2019 was a year of great climbing for me. I felt gains in my training with Climb Strong and I was breaking through a long plateau.  But when the pandemic hit, all hell broke loose, which forced every single climber to adjust their climbing and training. I grew frustrated…

12 Rules – Foundational Strength Training for Climbers

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In this video Charlie outlines the 12 Rules of Strength. Climbing is a skill sport, but in order to maximize our skills, we need a foundation of strength. By developing a high level of strength, you can better withstand the rigors of hard specific climbing practice. We use these rules to guide our strength training….

A Cause to Visualize

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 “I visualized all the moves the night before. It’s about 400 Moves In total. You have to keep all of that in your mind, add endless footholds. It was no surprise that I didn’t sleep that well that night. I was nervous and certainly felt some pressure.” – Babsi Zangerl   The use of visualization…

Periodization – Planning a Realistic Year of Training

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There is a BIG difference between exercising and training. Exercising is fine, but if you want to see progress as an athlete, training is what you are looking for. Don’t confuse random exercise with training. Proper training involves a plan with progressive overload, leading to new levels of strength and fitness over time. Periodization is…

Velocity Loss Training

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by Jacob Carr Strength training takes time and effort. And when training pure strength, it can be taxing on the nervous system. What if there was a way to decrease your feelings of fatigue and increase your training efficiency? New research has come out that describes a way to do just that. By paying attention…

Mental/Physical/Technical Framework

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In this video Steve discusses the Mental/Physical/Technical framework Climb Strong follows. This will be particularly useful for individuals who coach climbers, but any climber interested in progressing their ability will find benefit in this framework. The Mental, Physical, and Technical aspects of rock climbing are all highly important to climbers trying to perform at their…

Nutrition During Menopause

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   Mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes… o my! Menopause can make your body nearly unrecognizable. Maybe you’re feeling totally out of control of your body and mind. You may have what diet culture is calling the “meno-belly.” It may have you questioning whether this is affecting your training…

Atomic (Climbing) Habits

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By Ty Mack   The year I turned 40 I finally learned how to read. Actually that’s a bit misleading, as I have been devouring all sorts of fiction ever since primary school: classics, crime novels, sci-fi, you name it. But non-fiction nearly always left me cold. Sure, I slogged through plenty of it out…

Philosophy Of Training | Principle Based Training

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Principle Based Training is a great foundation for starting a training program to support your climbing, and a dependable way to make sure you see results in that program. In this video Steve discusses the 6 fundamental principles Climb Strong follows, along with 2 other essential elements that are a bit more nebulous but perhaps…

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