In-Depth: Overexpectation of Training Results

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In-Depth: Combining Specific and General Endurance

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In-Depth: Combining Muscle Actions in Specific Sessions

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In Depth: Returning to Training After Isolation

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Kevin Wallingford Dead Lift b&w

Full Combination Strength

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by Steve Bechtel Strength is fundamental to athletic performance. Many climbers get it, and they hit the weight room regularly. The problem with most weight training is that it only addresses one speed of movement, and most of us select bilateral exercises for most movements. By training in such a narrow path, we miss out…

In-Depth: How Much Time Do You Really Have For Training?

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Third Gear: The Aerobic Energy System

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by Steve Bechtel   A few years back, I was asked during an interview how important running is to climbing performance. Somewhat reactively, I said, “Running is as important for climbing as climbing is for running.” Over the years, I’ve received more than a fair number of messages and emails about this statement. Although there…

Logical Progression, Second Edition. Available June 5th.

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Training for climbing can be fun, but sticking to a schedule can be desperately hard. Many climbers have seen the value of a carefully planned out, periodized training program. Clearly, such programs work, but many of us can’t stick to such a rigid schedule.   What if there were a better way?   What if…

In-Depth: How Much Mileage is Enough?

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Second Gear: The Anaerobic Lactic Energy System


by Steve Bechtel   Feel the burn. If you’ve ever worked to a pump that made you feel nauseous, sprinted so hard you had to lie down, or could taste the acid on your breath in a session, you know what maxing out the anaerobic lactic system feels like. In hard climbing, this is the…

In-Depth: Overreaching and Overtraining

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In-Depth: The New Conditioning Template

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