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The Climbing Doctor : Steve Bechtel and Jared Vagy Interview

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The Clipping Chains Podcast: Steve Bechtel

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EP 20: Steve Bechtel: The Glass Is Already Broken

The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Charlie Manganiello

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The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Alex Bridgewater

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A great conversation with our Climb Strong team manager and all-around great person, Alex Bridgewater.

The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Episode 36

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Steven did a great job getting our coaches to talk – many of them like to keep quiet and do their work. I (Steve) can’t articulate how great it is to work with this crew.

The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Episode 35

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This was one of the favorite podcasts I’ve (Steve) ever done. Steven is a top-notch interviewer and is leading mind in climbing training, which made it easy to talk for a long time. Luckily, Steven is also a good editor!

Logical Progression, Second Edition. Available June 5th.

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Training for climbing can be fun, but sticking to a schedule can be desperately hard. Many climbers have seen the value of a carefully planned out, periodized training program. Clearly, such programs work, but many of us can’t stick to such a rigid schedule.   What if there were a better way?   What if…

Training Beta Podcast 147 | Steve Bechtel, Kris Hampton, and Tom Randall on Best Practices for Training at Home

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Steve Bechtel, Kris Hampton, and Tom Randall on Best Practices for Training at Home Date: April 9th, 2020 Note: We recently created an entire training program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all about how to train at home with minimal equipment. We hope it helps you stay motivated and strong through this very strange time. Learn…

BJJ Strength Podcast | 38 – Rock climbing strength training applied to BJJ. Grip Strength & so much more.

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Here is a non-climbing podcast about training for climbing that Steve did with Laurence Griffiths, a leading authority on training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Steve Bechtel is one of the leading authorities on strength & conditioning for rock climbing, with almost 30 years in the game and currently training some of the best rock climbers…

Training Beta Podcast 132 | Charlie Manganiello and Alex Bridgewater: 5 Common Training Mistakes Climbers Make

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Charlie Manganiello and Alex Bridgewater: 5 Common Training Mistakes Climbers Make  Date: September 9th, 2019 About Charlie Manganiello and Alex Bridgewater  Charlie Manganiello and Alex Bridgewater are both trainers at Steve Bechtel’s gym, Elemental Performance & Fitness, in Lander, Wyoming. They’re also both online trainers/coaches at They work closely with Steve Bechtel every day, and they’ve…

Training Beta Podcast 110 | Steve Bechtel on Training Endurance for Climbing

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Date: August 9th, 2018 About Steve Bechtel Steve Bechtel is a well-known climbing trainer, and I’ve had him on the podcast 3 other times now (here, here, and here). He’s a regular on the show because we all love listening to his common sense advice, his illustrative metaphors, and his wry humor so much. Steve runs, a website…

Upcoming: Performance Climbing Coach – Columbia MD

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I had a nice short talk with Neely Quinn at Training Beta about the upcoming Performance Climbing Coach seminar in Columbia, MD. We’ve both been getting quite a few questions about the event and we wanted to cover everything we could here. This is a 16 minute chat on all things PCC.

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