A Cause to Visualize

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 “I visualized all the moves the night before. It’s about 400 Moves In total. You have to keep all of that in your mind, add endless footholds. It was no surprise that I didn’t sleep that well that night. I was nervous and certainly felt some pressure.” – Babsi Zangerl   The use of visualization…

Stability Series: TRX Knee Tuck

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Stability Series: Plank with Weight Transfer

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MOVE: Reps in Reserve

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MOVE: Inverted Row Progressions and Regressions

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MOVE: Progressions and Regressions of the Ab Wheel

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MOVE: Progressions and Regressions of the KB Swing

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MOVE: Progressions and Regressions of the Deadlift

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In-Depth: The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

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The single leg RDL is a lower-load hip hinge that integrated a balance aspect into the lift. Appropriate for athletes that have stability needs or who can’t handle heavy loads, this exercise can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, or, or preference, 2 kettlebells.

MOVE: Antagonist Strength Training

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As climbers, we tend to over-focus on isometric (static) finger strength. Work on getting your extensors strong, and your finger strength will go up.

MOVE: Box Jumps

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MOVE: Superband Shoulder Mobility

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