Put Down the Sugar Cookie and Try This Smoothie Instead

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   Did I get you? I’m sorry, but there is no smoothie out there that can take the place of the first bite of a warm holiday cookie. And not the kind filled with black beans, Stevia, or kale that make you think you’re making the “right” choice. The…

Why A Nutrition Coach?

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By Steve Bechtel There are few areas in human performance and health that are more contentious than nutrition. From people selling prepackaged meals, to convincing us we’re eating “toxic” foods, to diet cults, it seems that everyone knows exactly how you should eat. Many of us change directions frequently, don’t get the results we’d like,…

No Bad Foods

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   There are no bad foods. You may be thinking what do you mean there are no bad foods?? Can I really eat candy bars for dinner and still send my project? This statement is one that can bring strong emotion and certainly a lot of questions. The good…

Nutrition During Menopause

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   Mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes… o my! Menopause can make your body nearly unrecognizable. Maybe you’re feeling totally out of control of your body and mind. You may have what diet culture is calling the “meno-belly.” It may have you questioning whether this is affecting your training…

Bah Humbug to Your Holiday Food Restrictions

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time for family to gather together and give thanks. Time to put up the Christmas tree or light the menorah. And, of course, time to bake those delicious holiday treats! As a nutritionist, this time of year brings a lot…

Keto or Ke-NO

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   Keto: the diet that can curb your appetite, enhance your performance, and speed your fat loss. You’re probably thinking this is too good to be true. And you would most likely be correct! We all want to believe that bacon, butter, and shredded cheese is “for our health”…

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