In-Depth: 7:13 Intermittent Hangs

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In-Depth: 7:13 Intermittent Hangs from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: Bench Press Basics

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In-Depth: Timed Strength Circuits

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In-Depth: Integrated Power

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In-Depth: Integrated Power Circuits from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: Hangboard Warm-Up

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In-Depth: Hangboard Warm-Up from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: Experimenting With Non-Specific Energy System Work

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In-Depth: Experimenting with Non-Specific Energy System Work from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

Triangle of Constraints

The 90 Percent That Matters

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By Steve Bechtel You wouldn’t read this if you didn’t want to get better at climbing. Many of us are on a constant search for a new training program, a new tool, a secret formula that somehow someone figured out that makes it all easy. Getting better isn’t complex, it’s simple. It’s simple, not easy….

In-Depth: Simple Lever Progressions

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In-Depth: Simple Lever Progressions from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: Inside High-Step Drill

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In-Depth: Inside High-Step Drill from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

Route Climbing Performance 1

Why Am I Stuck?

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Oh, the glory days when we used to actually get better at climbing! I remember well doing a 5.6 one weekend, a 5.7 the next, a 5.8 and so on up. That whole first year, things just got easier and easier and the grades rolled by. The next year, progress slowed. The next, I had…

In-Depth: Focus on Sessions, not the Calendar

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In-Depth: “Go A Hundred” Hangboard Sessions

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