In Depth: The Get-Up from Steve Bechtel on Vimeo.

The get-up is a complex total body movement. Beginning prone on the floor, press a kettlebell to a locked arm position vertically. With the sam-side leg bent 90 degrees at the knee and the foot planted on the floor, place the other arm at 45 degrees to the side, palm down. Roll onto the planted elbow then press up to the palm. Keep the weighted arm straight and pointed vertically at all times. From this seated position, pick the hips up off the ground and then swing the non-planted leg under to a kneeling position. At this point the legs should be at close to 90 degrees to each other. Pick the planted hand up from the floor, swing the back foot to where the legs are parallel, and then stand up out of this split position. Complete the movement by reversing the sequence. The Get-Up is an excellent shoulder and midsection stability exercise, and should be performed with an mind toward perfect movement each time.