We can train to improve or train to hold our ground. This is an important distinction, and one worth keeping in mind when you are training. Most of us think only in terms of trying to get better – to push more weight, to hold smaller crimps, etc. Most of us think in terms of continually advancing, and usually do so until that training takes a hard stop, which usually comes in the form of an injury or a switch to an altogether different focus.

Smart planning will allow you to make the most of your schedule, and will keep you from losing ground, and having to spend valuable time regaining it, every year.

Maintenance training is critical to our long-term success, and let’s face it – even when you are pushing hard for higher performance, you sometimes don’t go anywhere. It’s better to take control over these cycles and actively pursue developmental loads at times, and maintenance loads at others.

When you are trying to climb your best you should back off your training levels to maintain strength, not try hit new PR's. You don't want to stop entirely though, keeping an appropriate amount of training in your schedule will help to prevent injury and keep your strength levels up throughout the season. This video will address the 3 different types of sessions that we recommend during a performance phase, and how to program them appropriately.

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