When you say that kettlebell swings are a good hip hinge option, I assume you are talking about HEAVY swings, right? Like sets of only 5-10 reps? If so, how do you manage progression here? It’s not like I can just add a plate to the bell every session.

Is there any strength benefit to doing more reps with a lighter bell? We work out in the basement, and while we have a decent selection of bells (up to 24 kg), I’ve tested a five rep max at 48kg, so doing low rep sets with what I have seems pretty useless for strength training.


The KB Swing is a good dynamic option, but you’re right…limited strength gains for sure. I like to cycle my athletes out of deadlifts for a few weeks every 12 weeks or so…we put swing in their place. The swing is good for that hip snap you need in long moves, but it’s hard to load them enough. The 2KB swing with a pair of 24s is plenty hard for 5-10 reps. You can also do “dead stop” swings to make this a bit harder. A standard program we’ve run athletes through is as follows (note: this is just their hip hinge progression, not their whole program):

Week 1-4 5×5 DL
Week 5-8 3×3 DL
Week 9-12 1-2-3-1-2-3 DL
Week 13-14 5 x 10 Swing