In-Depth: Volume and Intensity Variability

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In-Depth: Training During Redpoint Phases

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First Gear: The Anaerobic Alactic Energy System

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by Steve Bechtel Movement is the basis of climbing up rocks, and in order to move, we need to supply our body with energy. Since any and all movement can occur at multiple speeds, in different directions, and over different durations, our bodies have evolved to handle supplying the energy for moving in several ways….

In-Depth: Fundamentals of Projecting

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Q+A How do I progress loads in Integrated Strength?

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Developmental and Maintenance Loads

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by Steve Bechtel We can train to improve or train to hold our ground. This is an important distinction, and one worth keeping in mind when you are training. Most of us think only in terms of trying to get better – to push more weight, to hold smaller crimps, etc. Most of us think…

In-Depth: Developmental and Maintenance Loads

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Q+A: I don’t have time to climb because I am training so hard…

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In-Depth: Basic Plank Variations

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Climb Strong Summer Training Camp 2020

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Standard Registration is now open! There are only 3 seats remaining. REGISTER HERE. Instructors include Steve Bechtel (Climb Strong), Dr. Tyler Nelson (Camp4 Human Performance), Charlie Manganiello (Climb Strong), Alex Bridgewater (Climb Strong), Amanda Sempert (Climb Strong), Ken Klein (Climb Strong), and Jonathan Siegrist (Jonathan Siegrist). This is a full hands-on event and will feature 8+ hours each…

What Does it Mean to Hire a Coach?

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By Steve Bechtel –  I never wanted to be a coach, I only wanted to be better. I wanted so badly to get rid of the fat around my middle and get past the feeling of not being able to hold on any longer, that as a high school student I read every book I…

Q+A: Why High/Low Training Instead of Hard Power-Endurance?

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