Q+A: Effective Training Two Days In A Row

Q: Hey Steve, Wondering how many days on you recommend and if switching between workout types on different days is recommended. -B.H.

A: What you did the previous session is the key. Was it a long session? Was it high-intensity or low intensity? Because there are many possible combinations of back-to-back sessions, I built this decision tree to help sort things out:

We make the mistake of going by feel in training sometimes: Was I sore? Was I pumped? Did I get nauseous? For the most effective training, almost all of us should avoid doing two like sessions in a row. It’s mostly intuitive, but hard sessions should be followed by easy ones, easy ones by hard ones, etc. If we aren’t careful, all of our sessions end up medium volume and medium intensity…which are too easy to make you stronger and are too hard to recover from quickly.