Q+A: What Training Plan Should I Do After PITCH ONE?

Q: Hello,
I just finished the 4 week Pitch One training plan. What do you suggest as the next plan?



A: Hi Joel,

It really depends on what you are aiming for. With our CS Team athletes, we generally follow a general strength program by a more specific program aimed at their individual goals. Here are common second plans, based on your training needs.


Bouldering Power: Power Bouldering 1

This plan is a good 4 week transition from strength into sport-applied power. It’s usually a 9-10 hour commitment each week, including climbing.


Route Climbing: Route Climbing Performance 1

This is a good performance rock climbing plan and can be modified pretty well to whatever specific project / trip / comp goals you might have.


General Strength: Unilateral Strength

After doing Pitch One, I like to push my strength-focused athletes into doing a unilateral (1 limb at a time) program. This tends to help you keep gaining strength and will help you recognize and correct some imbalances in your program.


Hope this helps.



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