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Build Big Endurance With 3:2 Intervals

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By Steve Bechtel If you have been training for climbing very long, you’ve probably come across the idea of doing some kind of interval in order to help improve your endurance. Even a person that is totally focused on bouldering is going to need to tap into their ability to endure longer durations of power…

Sixteen: An Odyssey Into Endurance

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By Steve Bechtel Training sessions have a way of being sneaky when we look at them on paper. We look at something like “5×5 at 80%” and it doesn’t seem all that hard. Nor does “4 pitches at 2nd tier.” Nor does “Do five pull-ups. Add two per day for 30 days.” Much like the…

Aerobic Capacity Program 8:3 (Level 2-3)

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by Steve Bechtel A better way to look at endurance in climbing is to understand that unless you’ve totally neglected it, you probably have some kind of general endurance for climbing. I’ll also preface this by saying that if you never try (nor plan to try) routes or long boulders, you might not really need…

In-Depth: Aerobic Deficiency and More

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In-Depth: Changing Your Thresholds

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In-Depth: Getting Route 4x4s Right

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In-Depth: Combining Specific and General Endurance

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In-Depth: Combining Muscle Actions in Specific Sessions

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Third Gear: The Aerobic Energy System

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by Steve Bechtel   A few years back, I was asked during an interview how important running is to climbing performance. Somewhat reactively, I said, “Running is as important for climbing as climbing is for running.” Over the years, I’ve received more than a fair number of messages and emails about this statement. Although there…

In-Depth: How Much Mileage is Enough?

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Q+A: Why High/Low Training Instead of Hard Power-Endurance?

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In-Depth: High-Load and Low-Load Density Training

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