alactic intervals

Optimizing First Gear: Training The Alactic Energy System

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By Steve Bechtel Anyone who has been in sports for very long has probably heard of the energy systems, or the ways in which our bodies supply energy. When we run down a road for an hour, we are producing energy from a different source than when we pick up a heavy barbell. And when…

Alactic Interval Training – Progression and Transition

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by Steve Bechtel This article is not so much an introduction to short interval training, but a “what to do next” article when you’re already implementing alactic intervals. Alactic intervals are designed to train your highest power system and teach your body to recover quickly from maximal efforts. These sessions also seek to increase the…

8-8-8 Endurance (12 Weeks)

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by Steve Bechtel The 8-8-8 Plan is a 12 week program aimed at making a long-term improvement in endurance capability. So often people go looking for a plan that will get them “in shape” for endurance, but only ever realize an endurance peak that takes them back to the same level that they previously attained….

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