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The 3-Tier Plan is more a structure or philosophy than an actual training program, and could be better described as the “get out of your rut” plan. It underscores the idea that we truly do need to create a base of “persistent” training factors, then build fitness specific to our goal, and then go out…

Doing > Talking

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by Ty Vineyard Take inventory of where you are now. This takes a lot of discipline and humility. The amount of accountability required to express true capability without excuses is carried out by few. Be realistic, do not overextend yourself for the sake of appearing more capable than you are. We see it at both…

When Climbing Feels Out of Reach

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by Philip Sabado The end of 2019 was a year of great climbing for me. I felt gains in my training with Climb Strong and I was breaking through a long plateau.  But when the pandemic hit, all hell broke loose, which forced every single climber to adjust their climbing and training. I grew frustrated…

Velocity Loss Training

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by Jacob Carr Strength training takes time and effort. And when training pure strength, it can be taxing on the nervous system. What if there was a way to decrease your feelings of fatigue and increase your training efficiency? New research has come out that describes a way to do just that. By paying attention…

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