Core Strength

MOVE: Inverted Row Progressions and Regressions

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MOVE: Progressions and Regressions of the Ab Wheel

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MOVE: The Front Lever

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MOVE: Plank Variations

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MOVE: Hardstyle Sit-Up

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MOVE: Using the Ab Wheel Properly

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Hangboard + Core 1

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Getting stronger fingers requires heavy loading of the fingers. Heavy loading requires rest between sets. Resting between sets makes most of us feel like we are not working hard enough. Although the ideal rest times between hangs can be debated, the fact is that with maximum-effort hangs, more time between hangs is better. In order…

In-Depth: Hollow Position Core Progressions

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Power Company Podcast Episode 8: Deadlifting with Steve Bechtel and Charlie Manganiello

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This was a fun conversation. I got to sit down with top strength coach Charlie Manganiello and Kris Hampton for an in-depth talk on using the deadlift as a supplemental lift in climbing training. We go deep on that lift, and a lot of other places, too. In this episode we talk with honorary co-host…

Alex Bridgewater Toes to Bars, Photo by Mei Ratz

Improve Your Hip Mobility And Core Strength For Better Climbing

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by Charlie Manganiello SFG II Does your butt sag and feet pop off on cave problems? Ever try a dyno or thrutch for some reachy move and struggle because you can’t get your foot high enough on the hold you need? How about those times you go to make the big move and you end…

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