TRAIN: Hip Hinge Progressions and Regressions

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MOVE: The Deadlift

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In Depth: The Deadlift from Steve Bechtel on Vimeo. The deadlift is pure strength. There is no cheating the range of motion – you pull from the ground and you don’t dare stop until you are standing. Although it works the legs, it is primarily a “posterior chain” exercise, taxing the hamstrings, glutes, and muscles…

In-Depth: Single Leg Deadlift Variations

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In-Depth: Deadlift Variations and Tips

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In-Depth: The Sumo Deadlift

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In-Depth: Single-Leg Deadlift

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In-Depth: Head and Neck Positioning When Lifting Weights

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In Depth: The Romanian Deadlift

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The Romanian Deadlift, also known as the stiff legged deadlift, is one where we are using the hamstrings as the primary mover. The quads are taken out of the equation by only allowing a slight knee bend or none at all, thus you’ll use less weight than a traditional deadlift. Shoot your hips back, as…

KB Swing vs. Deadlift

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When you say that kettlebell swings are a good hip hinge option, I assume you are talking about HEAVY swings, right? Like sets of only 5-10 reps? If so, how do you manage progression here? It’s not like I can just add a plate to the bell every session. Is there any strength benefit to…

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