Put Down the Sugar Cookie and Try This Smoothie Instead

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   Did I get you? I’m sorry, but there is no smoothie out there that can take the place of the first bite of a warm holiday cookie. And not the kind filled with black beans, Stevia, or kale that make you think you’re making the “right” choice. The…

No Bad Foods

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By Taylor Carr, MS, ISSN-SNS, PN1   There are no bad foods. You may be thinking what do you mean there are no bad foods?? Can I really eat candy bars for dinner and still send my project? This statement is one that can bring strong emotion and certainly a lot of questions. The good…

Optimal Climbing Weight

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Q: Specifically I would like to know more about effective ways to reduce unnecessary muscle mass from the legs. I come from a road bike racing background and so I have more muscle on my thighs and butt than necessary for climbing (or mostly anything besides racing a bicycle) and I would like to slim…

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