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In-Depth: Increasing Local Strength Endurance

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In-Depth: Developing Functional Strength Endurance

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In-Depth: Combining Muscle Actions in Specific Sessions

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Improving Endurance – The Fundamental Factors

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Endurance in climbing comes down to four major objectives: First is the ability to sustain a given level of power output while moving up the wall. Beyond moving up the wall, endurance can mean the ability to recover at stances along the route. Endurance can also mean the ability to recover between efforts, such as…

Keeping a Good Base of Endurance

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So I was wondering how most people are approaching sustaining extensive endurance through out a long periodized program specifically if you are following a typical block model, (endurance>strength>power>power endurance). What has proven a good method for keeping endurance at a decent level when it gets to performance time? Ex: Once a week after power climbing,…

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