Grip Strength

BJJ Strength Podcast | 38 – Rock climbing strength training applied to BJJ. Grip Strength & so much more.

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Here is a non-climbing podcast about training for climbing that Steve did with Laurence Griffiths, a leading authority on training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Steve Bechtel is one of the leading authorities on strength & conditioning for rock climbing, with almost 30 years in the game and currently training some of the best rock climbers…

Finger Strength 432 Plan – 6 session cycle – Medium, High, Low Volume

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Arguing about the merits of specific isometric finger strength protocols is a prime example of not seeing the forest for the trees. We brand a certain program as superior for this or perfect for that, but the biggest part of progress is doing it over long enough periods to see a relatively permanent change in…

Alex Bridgewater Pinch Block Hang, Photo by Mei Ratz

Developing General Grip Strength

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In the old days, training “specifically” for climbing was almost unheard of. You either just climbed or you were one of the few climbers who trained in the weight room and did some door jamb pull-ups. Over the years, things changed. As climbs got hard and more physically challenging we sought out ways to beat…

In-Depth: The Heavy Finger Roll

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The king of the grip exercises, the heavy finger roll is best used as a tool for creating hypertrophy. We recommend doing several sets in the 8-10 rep range.

Forearm Dumbbell, Photo by Mei Ratz

Forearm Hypertrophy Training

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By Steve Bechtel Unless we’re talking about super lean people, about the last thing any climber wants to do is get bigger. The bigger you are, the more you weigh, and the harder it is for you to climb. But climbers can really benefit from creating more mass in the forearm musculature; it helps improve…

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