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In-Depth: The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

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In-Depth: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift from Climb Strong on Vimeo. The single leg RDL is a lower-load hip hinge that integrated a balance aspect into the lift. Appropriate for athletes that have stability needs or who can’t handle heavy loads, this exercise can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, or, or preference, 2 kettlebells.

In-Depth: Antagonist Hand Strength

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In-Depth: Antagonist Hand Strength from Climb Strong on Vimeo. As climbers, we tend to over-focus on isometric (static) finger strength. Work on getting your extensors strong, and your finger strength will go up.

In-Depth: The Kettlebell Clean

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In-Depth: The Kettlebell Clean from Climb Strong on Vimeo. The kettlebell clean is the easiest and safest way to bring the bell from the floor to rack position. It is a precursor to the squat, press, windmill, and other exercises. Start as you would for a single arm swing, in the standard “hike” position. Swing…

In-Depth: 3-6-9 Hangboard Ladders

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In-Depth: 3-6-9 Hangboard Ladders from Climb Strong on Vimeo. There tends to be a need to complicate the hangboard ladder protocol. Don’t complicate it.

In-Depth: The Arm Bar

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In-Depth: The Arm Bar from Climb Strong on Vimeo. The Arm Bar is a big-bang shoulder mobility and stability drill. This is an excellent drill for developing thoracic mobility and shoulder girdle stability. Pick up a light kettlebell and set-up as you would for the get up (kettlebell at full extension in the right hand,…

In-Depth: Assessing Readiness to Train

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How do you know if you’re ready for a hard session? Feel good? No soreness? It might not be that simple.

In-Depth: Strength Session Design Basics

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The fundamental design of an effective training program for climbing is fairly simple.

In-Depth: The One-Arm Push-Up

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The one arm push-up is potentially the best way to build massive pressing strength without a weight room. Here’s how to get started.

In-Depth: Block Periodization

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Block Periodization from Steve Bechtel on Vimeo. Block Periodization is an ideal way of combining all of the facets of fitness for climbing. More subtile than a traditional approach, this is best for highly experienced athletes.

In-Depth: The Kettlebell Swing

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In-Depth: The Kettlebell Swing from Steve Bechtel on Vimeo. We use this exercise with almost all of our athletes, almost all the time. The kettlebell swing is a great exercise for lower body power development and integration of movement. Start with the ‘bell on the ground a foot or more in front of you, then…

In-Depth: Pull-Up Regressions

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Instead of unloading the pull-up we like to regress the movement at bodyweight. This tends to get the athlete to full pull-ups faster than assisted variations. The regressions are: 3-second hang, at top, reverse grip 1/4 chin from top 1/2 chin from top 3/4 chin from top full chin from top pull-up from top pull-up

In Depth: The Turkish Get-Up

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In Depth: The Get-Up from Steve Bechtel on Vimeo. The get-up is a complex total body movement. Beginning prone on the floor, press a kettlebell to a locked arm position vertically. With the sam-side leg bent 90 degrees at the knee and the foot planted on the floor, place the other arm at 45 degrees…

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