integrated strength

Q+A How do I progress loads in Integrated Strength?

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Preseason Build – 4 week – Logical Progression 3

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This plan is built to be done in any rock gym, and you should feel free to modify the specifics as necessary as long as the general build keeps its form. This 4-week plan (which can be extended to 6 or even 8 weeks if progress keeps coming) is ideally suited for a run-up to…

In-Depth: Enhancing Finger Strength Training with High-Threshold Isometrics

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In-Depth: Enhancing Finger Strength Training with High-Threshold Isometrics from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In Depth: Bodyweight Integrated Strength

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In-Depth: Timed Strength Circuits

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In-Depth: Integrated Power

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In-Depth: Integrated Power Circuits from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

Integrated Strength

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Combining Hangboard and Weight Training for Maximum Climbing Strength   Introduction Everything about training for climbing is complicated. It is an exercise in compromise – focus on power and you lose endurance, too much time getting your fingers strong, and your redpoint grade drops. Over the years, there have been many creative solutions proposed to…

Jordan Jack Demonstrates a Push Up in Climb Strong Class B&W

Variations on Integrated Strength

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We’ve been training strength for a long time. For years, I struggled with just how to fit all the hangboard training, general strength training, and supporting exercises in a normal climber’s week. Many of us try to get by without the extra work, opting to just go climbing instead. A look at the big picture,…

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