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Session Ordering With Multiple Hangboard

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Q: My impression from the book is that a suggested ordering of session types is strength-power-endurance, and these are rotated through during the training cycle. I.e. if you do a strength session, your next training session is power. I also recall Steve saying in a podcast that he suggests doing more strength work during the offseason,…

I don’t understand the 3-6-9 Hangboard Ladders. How much load? How much should I rest?

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I don’t describe a loading progression in the hangboard ladders because I think it should happen somewhat organically. I have found that time after time climber want to progress the loads on the board much more quickly than they should, and it is almost guaranteed that a finger injury occurs in the last week of…

I am a boulderer. How do I apply Logical Progression to my training?

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The Logical Progression program was written with route climbers in mind, but it can be applied to any sport. For bouldering, I’d suggest backing off a bit on the energy system work, and increase the strength and power facets of the training. Instead of training like this: STRENGTH > POWER > STRENGTH ENDURANCE You might…

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