Long Haul – In-Season Maintenance Plan – Rock Climbing

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The Long Haul plan is built as a supplement to a regular climbing schedule that takes place for extended periods of time. In essence, it is written to keep athletes strong and explosive, and should be flexible enough to fit within the constraints of a normal climbing week – which can be all over the…

3:2 Diminishing Intervals

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by Steve Bechtel Training for maximum strength endurance can throttle you and leave you a sweaty mess on the floor of the gym. If you go hard enough and starve your body of enough rest, you can end up this tired very quickly. But is getting pumped ASAP the most effective way to top out…

In-Depth: Building Base vs. Peaking Cycles

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In-Depth: Long-Term Training Produces Long-Term Results

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Climbing Overhang

Bridge Season Training

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A “bridge” is a high-intensity training program that links two close-together peaks of fitness. Frequently, we see climbers ramp-up for the summer season, only to see fitness drift off after a month or so. This comes as no surprise to coaches and physiologists, as it is simply a result of too much intensity too soon…

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