“Quick Questions” and Not-So-Simple Answers

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Q: Hey Steve, I just finished listening to your podcast interview (1) and I had a quick question (2) about the workouts in Logical Progression (3). It sounds like the program doesn’t have very much hangboarding (4) and I feel like this is really an important workout for me (5). Then you said something about…

Q+A: I don’t have time to climb because I am training so hard…

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Q+A: Why High/Low Training Instead of Hard Power-Endurance?

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CSTV: Q+A Am I Doing Intensive Endurance Intervals Correctly?

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Q+A Which Training Plan Should My Girlfriend and I Do?

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Q+A: Hangboarding, Even For Beginners!?!

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Q: In the Pitch One training plan you call for hangboard training without qualification for even “novice trainees”. I have read in more than one source that hangboard training should not start for novices until about 2 years into climbing. Do your views on this differ from what I thought was the prevailing wisdom on…

Q+A: Hangboards Versus Blocks

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Q: What are your thoughts on hangboarding versus a handheld finger trainer that you hang weights from? Is there a benefit to one or the other or do they produce similar results? M.T.   A: In spirit, both tools are the same. One of the big hopes of people training with weight hung from block-style…

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Q+A: I’m Strong, But Have No Endurance

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Q: Hello Steve, I bought your newest book – Unstoppable Force -, because, well I want to get stronger ^^. I loved the book, most of the the knowledge and base principles that you share aren’t new for me, and that made me happy. My previous coach (not a climber) trained me with the same…

Q+A: Finger Strength for Older Climbers?

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Q: Hi Steve, I’ve got a question about building finger strength in life’s latter half–as in, after the age of 50. I took many years off climbing, came about five years ago, and I’ve had a hard time rebuilding finger strength. I work out mostly at an indoor bouldering gym and I’ve found that I…

Q+A: Longer Duration Intervals As A Sustainable Part of Base Training?

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Q: Anaerobic Capacity. Do you think longer duration anaerobic intervals at a 1:4 work/ rest ratio can be a sustainable part of a ‘base phase’? Alex Barrows suggests 45 seconds work interval with a 1:4 work rest. In the PCC we used 10 seconds work interval with a 1:5 work to rest. Is the 45…

Q+A: Good at Being Pumped or Good at Avoiding It?

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Q+A: Loading and Progression in Weight Training?

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Q: Hello, I am just beginning your Base Strength 2 program. (I’ve been doing variations of Rippetoe’s programs on and off for years, so this seems like a reasonable place for me to start). I don’t see any detail about loading or progression. For example, in a session that indicates four sets of deadlifts, with…

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