Specific Strength

MOVE: Low Lock off Strength

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MOVE: Biceps Curls to Improve Undercling Positions?

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Kevin Wallingford Dead Lift b&w

Full Combination Strength

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by Steve Bechtel Strength is fundamental to athletic performance. Many climbers get it, and they hit the weight room regularly. The problem with most weight training is that it only addresses one speed of movement, and most of us select bilateral exercises for most movements. By training in such a narrow path, we miss out…

In-Depth: The Dynamic Effort Method

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In-Depth: The One-Arm Push-Up

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The one arm push-up is potentially the best way to build massive pressing strength without a weight room. Here’s how to get started.

In-Depth: The Heavy Finger Roll

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The king of the grip exercises, the heavy finger roll is best used as a tool for creating hypertrophy. We recommend doing several sets in the 8-10 rep range.

Dragon Flag B&W Movement in Climb Strong Class

Advances in Core Training

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This is not the first article on “core” training I have written, but I felt the need to expand on the previous ones and to highlight what we are doing in our current programs. In general, the way we look at training the midsection has not changed, but over the past couple of years we’ve…

Close up of Systems Board, Photo by Mei Ratz

Introduction to System Board Training

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By Steve Bechtel The System Board is simply a small climbing wall outfitted with regularly spaced matched pair of holds. Although anything from 2 pair to 10 pairs are common, most companies providing packages of these holds sell them in sets of 6-8. More critical than cool tiles, however, is to set them up with…

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