Strength Training

The Full Tilt Bouldering Plan

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I wrote the Full Tilt Redpoint Plan for myself a decade ago. I had little kids, was super busy at the gym, and wanted to get the most out of my sport climbing with the limited time I had. Since then, we’ve programmed dozens of variations to this plan for climbers seeking all kinds of…

Juggernaut: An all-around climbing training plan

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This didn’t start out as most training plans do, it sort of “just happened” as I tried to maintain some level of fitness for climbing through a busy summer and early fall, and I wasn’t getting as much climbing as I’d like. I was only training a couple days most weeks and sometimes three, and…

In-Depth: The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

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The single leg RDL is a lower-load hip hinge that integrated a balance aspect into the lift. Appropriate for athletes that have stability needs or who can’t handle heavy loads, this exercise can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, or, or preference, 2 kettlebells.

In-Depth: Auto-Regulating Your Training

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The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Episode 35

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This was one of the favorite podcasts I’ve (Steve) ever done. Steven is a top-notch interviewer and is leading mind in climbing training, which made it easy to talk for a long time. Luckily, Steven is also a good editor!

In-Depth: Group Training – General Strength and Power

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Weight Training: What it is and is not.

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As humans, we all tend to use categories and observations about groups of things to understand the world.Puppies are cute. Fruits are sweet. Scarpa shoes are awesome. Categories. It gets dangerous. Women are crazy. People with dark skin are dangerous. Liberals are weak. We learn through our culture, our parents, our schools that individual observation…

In-Depth: General, Specific, and Developmental Exercise

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In-Depth: General, Specific, and Developmental Exercise from Climb Strong on Vimeo.

In-Depth: Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Lifts

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Charlie Manganiello Kettlebell Swing, Photo by Mei Ratz

In-Depth: Single-Arm Kettlebell Swings

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Jordan Jack Demonstrates a Push Up in Climb Strong Class B&W

Variations on Integrated Strength

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We’ve been training strength for a long time. For years, I struggled with just how to fit all the hangboard training, general strength training, and supporting exercises in a normal climber’s week. Many of us try to get by without the extra work, opting to just go climbing instead. A look at the big picture,…

Steve Bechtel Dead Lift with Barbell, Photo by Mei Ratz

“Two set of two?” and Other Questions

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by Steve Bechtel It’s funny the questions you get after an interview. At the end of 2015, I had the great honor of talking to Neely Quinn at Training Beta for a second time, and had a good chat with Kris Hampton for his new podcast that summer. The format is challenging and I felt…

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