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Session Variability – Low-Hanging Fruit

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By Steve Bechtel When it comes to performance, every single climber I have ever known has struggled with plateaus. In fact, when someone I talk to seems to just keep getting better, I’m more inclined to punch them in the face than to hear another word of how fun it all is and how they…

Watch: Block Programming

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In this video Steve explains some of the basic forms of periodization commonly used in training for climbing and dives into why he likes Block Programming. Block Programming eliminates some of the problems with classic or linear periodization models and allows for flexibility well suited to climbers. This model features training cycles of a highly…

What Got You Here? Do You Even Know?

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By Steve Bechtel Maybe this was a really good year and you sent a project or two. Or maybe it was more like my year last year and you weren’t all that happy with how things went. The biggest question to ask, in either situation is this: “What did I do that led me to…

Watch: Better Training Logs

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Training requires overload within the framework of both the session and the training cycle. If you don’t carefully plan overload session to session, you probably won’t see the progress you could. Just getting tired in the gym isn’t the answer. Pushing the loads the right amount higher and recovering correctly is how you really get…

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