Training Beta Podcast 007 | Steve Bechtel on Training, Power Endurance, Running, Weight Loss, and More

This was my first interview with Neely Quinn, back in 2013 or 2014. From Training Beta:


I was honored and excited to interview the great Steve Bechtel, a long-time climber and trainer who knows his stuff when it comes to getting strong, catering to individual training needs, and staying lean, among many other things. Steve runs, a website where he writes articles and training programs for climbers. You can subscribe to the site to get full access to all of his info. He also runs a gym in Lander, WY called Elemental Fitness, where he works with climbers and athletes of all kinds.

I’ve been following Steve’s stuff for a while, and I post his articles on our own Facebook page because I consider him an expert in a field that has very few experts (climbing training). But I wanted to interview him partially for selfish reasons – I’ll be honest 😉 We took a few minutes of the interview to use me as sort of a guinea pig. I asked him how he’d suggest I train right now while I’m trying to send a powerful, pretty short route at my limit. He gave me some great advice.

I also asked him as many other technical questions as I could, and tried to make those questions applicable to as many people as possible, so you can take some usable advice from this conversation. After all, that’s the mission of TrainingBeta: practical training advice. Steve has worked with a lot of climbers through the years, so he doesn’t have any problems rattling off big scientific words and answers to all of our common climbing training questions. Hopefully we’ll talk again on the show soon!

What We Talked About

  • How and why he learned so much about training
  • How he approaches new training clients
  • How to train power endurance and overall fitness
  • What he’d do with me as a client to help me send my current project
  • Whether or not running is good for climbing
  • How to lose weight for climbing
  • That our conversation was really awesome and we want to do it again soon

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