Training Beta Podcast 110 | Steve Bechtel on Training Endurance for Climbing

Date: August 9th, 2018

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About Steve Bechtel

Steve Bechtel is a well-known climbing trainer, and I’ve had him on the podcast 3 other times now (here, here, and here). He’s a regular on the show because we all love listening to his common sense advice, his illustrative metaphors, and his wry humor so much.

Steve runs, a website where he writes articles and training programs for climbers. He also runs a gym in Lander, WY called Elemental Performance and Fitness, where he works with climbers and athletes of all kinds. He also founded the Performance Climbing Coach Seminars, which are live events that educate climbers and trainers about the fundamentals of climbing training. I teach nutrition at these events, and our next one is in Minneapolis on October 10-12th, 2018. Go to the site to learn more and use code “Neely50” for $50 off your registration fee.

Steve is also a prolific writer. It seems like every year he puts out another book about training. We have a couple of his ebooks available on TrainingBeta, including his Strength fundamentals book and his Logical Progressionbook, which is all about how to create a sustainable training program to fit your needs and your schedule.

This episode is all about training endurance in climbing. It’s a big and confusing topic, so we decided it needed its own episode. I hope this clears things up for you!

Steve Bechtel Interview Details

  • What we can draw from other sports about training endurance
  • Different kinds of endurance explained
  • Why we’re confused about training endurance
  • Why linear periodization works for some sports but not ours
  • Different drills to increase endurance and power endurance
  • Training above and below the anaerobic system for best results
  • Low end training and high end training drills
  • When to put each into your training program
  • When to increase intensity of endurance training

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