Shape Shifter: High Performance Bodyweight Training (ebook)


The document/book/download that follows is a testament to a team effort in a crisis. In March of 2020, as the world was overwhelmed by the COVID-19 virus, we all began to do what we could to avoid the disastrous situation unfolding across the globe. At Elemental, I faced closing the gym – effectively shutting off my entire team’s income – and at the same time heard pleas from athletes everywhere asking what they could do to stay fit and sane while staying at home.

Over the course of just days, Climb Strong coaches Kathryn Perkinson and Alex Bridgewater assembled all the bodyweight training exercises and plans and programs they could, and built the e-book you’re now reading. This is a book Alex has wanted to put together for years, but the scope of the project and all it involved kept him procrastinating. In Alex’s words, “It only took a pandemic to get this going!”

We wanted to write a book that gives you ideas on how to stay fit while on the road, not at home. We wanted to give you tools to use when you were psyched for tomorrow, not scared. What we have built is a collection of the best ideas we can come up with to help you today, tomorrow, and hopefully long into the future when you are traveling again, when you are looking forward, and this terrible time is a distant memory. – Steve Bechtel, March 2020


by Alex Bridgewater, Kathryn Perkinson, and Steve Bechtel

Even though we cannot get to the gym and our normal routines are interrupted, our next week, six month, and five year goals haven’t changed. If you don’t pivot your training to accommodate your current situation, you will fall off the send train and into the despair and panic of the masses. Yes, this is a terrible time. But you should endeavor to rise to the challenge rather than run from it.

Do you want to be the person on the other end sending your project despite the difficult life changes? Or do you want to be like most people who use this as an excuse to fall apart? We need to face everything that comes head-on. Eat right. Keep learning. Get stronger than before. Be a warrior, not a victim.