Juggernaut: An all-around climbing training plan

This didn’t start out as most training plans do, it sort of “just happened” as I tried to maintain some level of fitness for climbing through a busy summer and early fall, and I wasn’t getting as much climbing as I’d like. I was only training a couple days most weeks and sometimes three, and I really wanted to do the best I could with that time. As far as what I was addressing:

  • I only had time for maybe 90 minutes, 2-3 times per week. It constrained what I did, but it also is likely plenty. Much more and I wouldn’t be recovering enough to train as hard as I planned.
  • I wanted to get better at hard moves, and maintain some amount of route endurance. Thus, the climbing focus ended up being on the power end of the spectrum. 
  • I wanted to address overall strength, both because of my age (injury prevention and power maintenance), and because I am doing other activities. I don’t want to go out for a short ski day and end up sore from it.
  • I wanted to have a plan that slowly built several facets of fitness, rather than a more focused plan that would ramp up just one or two.

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The Juggernaut Training Plan