Climb Strong

Climb Strong was established in 2007. It started as a blog, and then was a blog and a book, and then was a website with a discussion forum. Over the years, we’ve morphed Climb Strong to continually try to serve the needs of the athletes who contact us for advice. We started building template training plans, writing strength articles, and filming videos of exercises. In 2007, it was Steve Bechtel and a laptop. Now, we have a full time crew working on various aspects of our mission and a coaching staff of seven people. 

We are continually updating and revising and testing new training ideas. We are putting out the best information we can get our hands on. We are working hard to provide real-world training and performance advice that avoids commercial bias.

Most importantly, we try to help get quality training advice to everyone. We offer dozens of free articles and videos for anyone and everyone to use. We offer more targeted advice and nearly 100 in-depth videos to our Climb Strong members. For athletes that need more direction and customization, we offer full-service coaching, including weekly meetings, flexible programming, and several lines of communication to your coach. 

We work hard to continually learn, test, and improve. Our mission is to make your training simpler and more effective than ever before. Thank you for visiting our site.

If you would like information on our coaches, please visit our team here.