Who We Are

What makes the team at Climb Strong different? Well…

  • We are a team.

    Our coaches don’t ask themselves, “How can I help this athlete?” Rather, they ask, “How can WE help this athlete?” We accept that each of us has limits and skills, and we work hard to make the most of our team’s strengths. Instead of pretending to have the answers, we’ll admit we don’t know, then go find out.

  • We strive to be better.

    Climb Strong is invested in continuing to grow to maintain the highest degree of professionalism in the sport of climbing. With that, we expect those who work for us to do the same. We hold ourselves to grow in various areas of personal and professional life. By this we mean, personal growth in climbing, professional growth in coaching, growth in education that will facilitate our ability to coach better and with more sound resources.

  • We believe that everyone is an athlete.

    We’re not interested in just training with elite climbers, or in simply tweaking experienced climbers’ plans. We believe that each climber can be better, and that it is our job to help these athletes succeed.

  • We believe that the fundamentals are the answer, almost all the time.

    Climb Strong holds the belief that mastering the fundamentals of the sport is essential to progressing and a lack of interest in addressing such is directly contradictory to improvement. From this view we see skill development, strength/power/endurance, and consistent climbing focus as fundamentals to the sport. This value grows beyond the sport itself. We see the power of fundamentals in coaching just as important. In this way we are concerned with communication, safety, organization, and specificity to the athlete.

  • We value integrity.

    Climb Strong is an organization that believes you are only as good as your word. In this way we do not subject ourselves to dogma or sponsorships to sway our advice or choices. We are looking to be objective for the athletes that we work with and serve their best interests. We are also engaged with providing the greater population of climbers with unbiased, sound information. Information that will stand the test of time.