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Performance Climbing Coach, October 27-29, Salt Lake City

This program is designed to help climbers and coaches learn to build and implement effective training programs. Participants will learn through lectures, hands-on activities, and doing some coaching themselves.

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Logical Progression

Training for climbing can be fun, but sticking to a schedule can be desperately hard. Many climbers have seen the value of a carefully planned out, periodized training program. Clearly, such programs work, but many of us can’t stick to such a rigid schedule.
What if there were a better way? What if there were a more flexible way of planning that provided the same great results? And what if such a program allowed you to maintain high levels of climbing performance much longer than you could on a traditional program?
For the climber that has limited time to train, there may be no better program than Logical Progression. For anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit for long trips and redpoint seasons, the program outlined in this book can give you a great advantage.
Based on solid science and tested by hundreds of climbers, Logical Progression is a simple and very effective way of organizing your training, and making sure that progress keeps coming. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

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The Climb Strong Deadlifting Manual

 Authored by Steve Bechtel SFG II, Charlie Manganiello SFG II

Designed by Kian Stewart  

The deadlift is arguably the best strength training exercise for rock climbers. In this manual, top coaches Charlie Manganiello and Steve Bechtel break down the exercise and explain the whys and hows of this complex movement. The authors detail the movements, common errors, and how exactly to integrate deadlifting with your program. Based on their successful strength clinics, this manual will serve you for years to come. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

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The Full Tilt Redpoint Plan

Climbing training programs work. No matter what the program, if you can stick with it, your results will be superior to not planning at all. Programs can go from general - “climb three days per week” - to very detailed, outlining every facet of a plan down to fractions of load and rest periods. In my experience, the best programs are somewhere in between, allowing for a normal life schedule and plenty of time out on the rock.

I believe that climbing is a skill sport. Because of this, my training recommendations always follow the 75/25 rule: 75% of your training time should be spent “practicing” climbing, and 25% is where everything else fits in. This is reflected in many of my other programs and will show up in this one, too. A good rule of thumb: If you’re wearing climbing shoes (bouldering, capacity workouts, outdoor climbing) then it is “practice”. If you’re in street shoes or barefoot, it falls in the “training” category.

I wrote this plan for myself. For years, I have followed and experimented with different program structures. What I wanted to build was a program that allowed me to stay close to top form for as much of the year as I could, so that when I got interested in doing a hard route it wasn’t a months-long build up to a possible send. I wanted a plan that was more stable than those I had previously used, and one that would work in a “normal” weekly schedule. This makes sense if you look at climbing compared to other skill sports.

The majority of skill-oriented sports have long seasons with top performers that stay close to the top of their game much of the year. When climbers started pulling training ideas from traditional sports models, they neglected to note that these plans were frequently built around cyclic (i.e. running, skiing, cycling) sports whose primary energy needs were transient factors such as aerobic metabolism. By modeling such a plan, these climbers were doomed to spend much of the year rebuilding and rebuilding that which could easily have been maintained.

“He looks in perfect shape.”

“He’s never been far off in seven years,” Doc said. “When you come to the last step it shouldn’t be any steeper than the rest.”

- W.C. Heinz, The Professional

Years ago, I could follow any kind of training plan more-or-less successfully. As I have aged and become a business owner, husband, and parent, my time has become much more limited and rigidly scheduled. The Full Tilt Plan lets me train effectively on a regular weekly schedule, because it is built on a foundation of intensity variation. This is not a plan for climbers who like to perform seasonally. There is nothing wrong (and there are many things right!) with taking several months away from hard rock climbing to pursue other interests. Many successful climbers ski all winter, climb alpine routes all summer and send hard routes in the spring and fall.

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STRENGTH - Foundational Training for Rock Climbing

Strength is the most fundamental quality a climber can develop. By developing a high level of strength, a climber can effectively move his power and endurance forward with no additional training. Combined with the mobility and stability exercises presented in this book, the strength programs you'll find in these pages will help you build a bullet-proof base of fitness for any climbing endeavor. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

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Successful Sessions - 34 Training Tips for Better Rock Climbing

This is a 19 page ebook with 34 tips for better training. This ebook is free to site members (click here).

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to anchor replacement efforts in my home areas of Wild Iris and Sinks Canyon.

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